Mark Widmer's

Projects Page

If you like to build things or otherwise work on projects around the home, feel free to borrow ideas from what I've done.

Eventually, I plan to link each project to a more detailed description.  My style is to make things that are functional and fairly simple, spending little time on cosmetic appeal.  Of course, you're welcome to expand on anything you see here . . .

Yard and garden

A simple composting bin

Thanks to "Ask This Old House" and Roger Cook for the idea.


Inside the home

Kitchen window shelf

Acrylic ("plexiglass") shelves

For extra storage under the sink.

Plywood support for laptop computer



LED flashlight

Runs 2 white LED's on a 9V battery.  Provides about 20 hours "on time" between battery changes.


Updated 17 Sep 2007 .

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